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Valerie Berke

Jackie Spiegel

Nina Zegelbone

Judith Jaroslavsky


App focused on internal hospital communications between medical staff and the hospital administration












1. research

Intro to MeDoFi

the digital product and the challenge

MeDoFi is an app for hospital communication, aiming to reduce digital overload and increase employee compliance with hospital protocol.


MeDoFi organizes employees communication from administration into the categories: messages, to-do and files, as well as prioritizes them by urgency. Giving employees an easy place to view important information and be aware of mandatory tasks and messages.


We were tasked with redesigning the interface of the MeDoFi app, with the goal of making the app more intuitive as well as more essential for hospital employees in all departments. 


User Interviews

to understand the mindsets of potential and current users

The insights we got from the interviews were that, current users enjoy that MeDoFi allows them to feel connected to the rest of the hospital staff while not physically working together. However, current users also expressed that they found the messaging system to be repetitive of their email inbox.


HIPAA compliant instant messaging and a secure filing system for patient records are essential within hospital networks. While there are currently multiple applications that accomplish this, none seem to adopt an intuitive user-centered approach. In fact, medical technology in general tends to be outdated and hard to use.

Competitive Matrix

a visual representation of where a brand fits within its respective industry

Some competitor applications focus on productivity and communication, but they do not cater to the specific needs of hospital networks. 


Applications which are built specially for hospitals focus only on efficient communication and not productivity or compliance assurance. With its focus on efficient communication, increasing productivity and compliancy assurance within HIPAA, MeDoFi is a first-in-class mobile application.


2. Synthesis

Affinity Mapping

a tool that gathers large amounts of data and organizes them into groupings based on their natural relationships.

Some of the insights we got from affinity mapping:


• Hospital professionals “do it all for the patient”.

• All hospital staff needs a system for mass communication.

• Hospital staff has too many things to do because the hospital is overcrowded with patients.

• Staff members are physically disconnected from other departments but need to coordinate patient care across departments.

• Hospital staff needs HIPAA secure messaging and HIPAA secures patient files system.

• Hospital staff want medical technology to be accessible, intuitive, and up-to-date

• Hospital staff need immediate knowledge of hospital-wide alerts



we complied our affinity mapping insights into a primary and secondary persona to help us empathize with users as we created the initial redesign of MeDoFi.


User Journey

to demonstrate how the app would be used in users’ everyday lives.

This helped us understand how to improve users’ work flow by increasing efficiency and collaboration abilities.


For example​; Dr. Fogel’s mood improves as he continues to utilize MeDoFi during his shift because it enables him to spend more face-time with his patients and less time at a desk or doing administrative tasks.


Feature Analysis

An analysis of the competitor applications

in the market to see which features are standard and users will expect.



MeDoFi Redesign

changing the interface of the current app based on the UX research conducted


Mid-fi Wireframes


Usability Testing

mid-fi wireframes

To assess the usability and intuitiveness of the first version of the proposed MeDoFi app, we tested a mid-fidelity prototype without color or real photos. We did this so that users would not be distracted by bells and whistles, and could instead focus feedback on practical usage.

Hi-fi Wireframes

hi-fi wireframes.png

Usability Testing

hi-fi wireframes

After assessing the usability and utility of the first version of the redesigned MeDoFi app through mid-fidelity usability testing, we added color and photos to the app and brought up the fidelity level. We then tested this new hi-fi version of the app.




for the new updated MeDoFi app

Our research showed that MeDoFi is first in class in being an app that is focused on communication, compliance, and productivity, while also being suited to a hospital environment.


We found that there is a serious need for a faster, more efficient communication system between hospital employees, as many of the current systems are out of date and not intuitive.


The physicians and hospital staff we interviewed described the most rewarding part of their job as helping people and spending time with patients, and desire to spend less time on technology and more time with their patients. They require an organized, efficient system for communication, which we aim to provide with our new iteration of MeDoFi.

The Prototype

a simulation of how the app should work! check it out, click on the iPhone X

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