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Messenger App for Enterprises 


ios design

The Re-design

starting from iOS

After going through a branding process in the design studio Wicked-Brand, the client wanted to apply this new image to their digital product and also improve the user experience. I started by researching the market, the different messenger apps in the industry (competitive and comparative) and also understanding the company's goals and priorities (feature prioritization).

FTUE Screens


From iOS to Android

how was this transition?

After creating the concept and design of the iOS app for Mantu, they wanted to adapt the app for android users. So it was my time to start studying MATERIAL DESIGN. I dug into all the rules and parameters of material design so I could understand what Android users were expecting and how to transform the iOS experience into an Android experience. Below you can see the results and how keeping the same design language the app adapted to different rules.

Group 6 Copy.png

dashboard design

From mobile to desktop

building the management dashboard

As part of the project, the company also wanted to improve their management dashboard. Since it is a b2b app, the business can manage the data and other features of the app from this dashboard. This was a very interesting experience since I got the chance to see this side of the system, not only I got to understand the experience for the individual user, I also got the chance to understand how the business was going to manage the information and usability of the app from a more complex interface.

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